DsOC-Northern VA

DsOC-NoVA Royal Soarors
Darnella & Sheronda

My Dearest Kingdom Sisters of Northern VA,

The Daughters of Christ Soarority of Northern VA (“DsOC-NoVA”) is in fact the headquarters of our parent company, The Daughters of Christ, Inc., and therefore, was automatically established at our very first Founders Weekend 2010.  Our Founder, Evangelist Darnella Moore,  presently serves as its Interim Leader until a Chapter Directorate has been elected and installed.

This Fall ’12, The DsOC-NoVA Chapter began hosting its in-person meetings as well as pursuing its various community service initiatives within the Northern VA surrounding areas.

If you are a Kingdom Sister living in the Northern VA area who have an interest in connecting your loving heart and serving hands with our’s, please feel out our Contact Form to include your full name and the NoVA city or county in which you reside to request membership.

CHAPTER INTERIM LEADER:  Royal Soaror Darnella Moore
CHAPTER E-MAIL: dsocnova@gmail.com

Next DsOC-NoVA Chapter Meeting: TBA
Hosted By:
Chapter Meeting Location:


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