There is a musical Message in your heart waiting to flow out of your anointed mouth! All of us were not born with a melodic voice, but we, The Daughters of Christ, were all born to sing the melodies of His Loving Gospel to the world.  You and I are charged to be a sweet sound of music to the hearts of all mankind through the uplifting words spoken through our powerful lips.  More importantly, we have already been divinely empowered by our awesome DaddyGod to do so.  Therefore, trust your inner voice to confidently come forth in the form of a beautiful song that brings healing to those around you.  Don’t let anybody fool you my Royal Soaror Sister, you can sing and the world is ready to hear you!  Start blowing like only a Royal Kingdom Daughter can! 

Humble Teacher & Learner Myself,
Royal Soaror Darnella Moore
Founder & Nat’l President

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